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1 Year Warranty


2 Year Warranty

Hear From Happy ChiliSleepers

What Customers are saying

Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer

How It Works

Sleep as nature intended

We humans, over our long history, adapted to a climactic rhythm defined by nature. Compliment your circadian rhythm using temperature to signal and maintain sleep. Re-align with your ancestral sleeping style with our cooling mattress pad. Sleep when it’s colder + darker, wake when it’s warmer + brighter.

Designed with the Science of sleep

The science is clear. We sleep deeper with increased recovery at a cooler body temperature. Our core body temperature should naturally drop every night, but for lots of people + lots of reasons it doesn't. With a temperature range from 55-115°F (13-46°C), our products ensure that whatever your sleep temperature, you can get there.

Never wake up hot or tired again

By manipulating core body temperature, we enable quicker access to uninterrupted, deep sleep. This is the best, EMF-free, chemical-free way to start your journey back to quality living. Quality sleep enhances overall health & wellness giving you focus & confidence to take on every day. 

The Components of Cooling Comfort

Cube Sleep System Lifestyle Shot

Remote controlled comfort

Using your Cube remote you can set your ideal temperature, from 55°-115°F. Sleep soundly throughout the night, every night, and wake up feeling energized for everyday. Never go to sleep hot and wake up tired again!

Deep Sleep Made Simple

The original ChiliSleep solution, the Cube offers remote-controlled temperature regulation.

Cube sleep system

Hydro-cooling efficency

Our luxurious cooling mattress pad is hydro-powered. Water has natural thermal advantages that make it very effective in heating and cooling, helping Chili products affect up to 15 degrees of physical change from ambient temperature. Meet life-changing results made for any bed size or type.

Cube Control Unit Lifestyle Shot

Wake up refreshed. Every day.

From athletes to hustlers, we want to help every individual accomplish their dreams. Our Cube sleep system actively manages the body's temperature to help deliver magical deep sleep.

The results begin the first night. From the moment you find your perfect sleeping temperature, we're dedicated to helping you enjoy a lifetime of better sleep.

What’s included with a Cube Sleep System?

Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad

Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad

This innovative cooling mattress topper is designed to provide comfortable and efficient temperature regulation, improve your deep sleep + cool your bed all night, every night.

Cube Control Unit

Cube Control Unit

Proven + practical makes Cube a popular option. This sleek and low profile control unit easily powers the Chili Cool Mesh through the night, giving you best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Cube Control Unit Remote Control

Remote Control

ChiliSleepers love the simplicity of Cubes remote temperature control. Set temperature based on when you go to bed, wake up, and more so your bed is never too hot or cold.



Happy ChiliSleepers

What Customers are saying

Tricia W.
Verified Buyer

Excited to see the decrease in our summer electric bill!

This was so easy to set up and is giving us the best sleep ever. My husband starts out cool and stays there. I like to start out warm to read and then cool to sleep. The remotes are secured to the bed frame with a small Velcro dot so we never lose them. I am excited to see our electric bill go down now that we don't have to cool over 2000 square down to below 70* in order to get a decent night's sleep. I expect our Chilipad to pay for itself very quickly. I looked at the other "name brand" air system and while it looked good, half of a queen was $250 more than Chilipad for the entire bed. Anyone having hot flashes needs this desperately.

Verified Buyer

The ChiliPad is amazing!

Living in the desert means being hot all summer. This product has revolutionized my sleep in the summer heat. I highly recommend this for anyone who is constantly sweating at night or needs to warm up (even though I haven't tried this feature yet). Its a great investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly comes with the Cube? dark-arrow-down

The Cube is a temp-controlled mattress pad controlled by an attached control unit with a water tank. As a new user, you’ll receive a reversible, hydro-powered cool mesh mattress pad, a control unit, and a remote to conveniently adjust mattress pad temperature. Our innovative product cools or heats your bed between 55-115°F to create a revolutionary, customizable sleep environment.

How do I set up the Cube? dark-arrow-down

Real Simple included the Cube in its list of best cooling mattress toppers in 2021. And it actually is real simple to use. Here’s the basic order of operations we generally recommend for new users: 

1. Mattress as base

2. chiiPAD (connecting tubes can go at the head or foot of the bed) 

3. Fitted sheet

4. Blanket or duvet on top (think of it as a refrigerator: if the door is left open, all the cold air will be let out; using a top layer traps the air to regulate your temperature preference!)

The control unit measures 12" x 12"x 12" and can be placed next to your bed. (While it can be placed under the bed, ensure there’s ample space for ventilation; a clearance of 18 inches on all sides is recommended). 

How do I set a comfortable temperature? Does it have to be set low? dark-arrow-down

Since everyone is unique, it may take a few nights to find your own sweet spot. Some like it warm while others like it cool. Sleep studies show the ideal sleep temperature for optimal rest & recovery is 60-68ºF (15-20˚C). Ultimately, if you are unsure where to begin, start at 65°F (18˚C) and adjust up or down from there. No matter where you end up, temperature-wise, the Cube will help you master the art of getting amazing deep sleep!

Why is getting deep sleep so important? dark-arrow-down

Deep sleep helps your body and mind heal. Deep sleep has restorative power for us physically, including cell regeneration, a strengthened immune system, tissue and bone repair, and more. According to the CDC, more than one-third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. A good night’s sleep can help to maintain blood sugar levels, shed excess fat, and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes. 

Can I use the Cube on just half of our bed? dark-arrow-down

Yes! The Cube can be optimized for one or two sleepers. The mattress topper is available in Me & We, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. “Me” sizes are designed for one sleeper (one control unit) and cover half of the mattress; “We” sizes are designed for two sleepers (two control units) and cover the entire mattress. Even better, if you purchase the WE unit, you and your partner get two control units so that you can each find your ideal sleep temperature, night after night.

Can my environment effect the peak performance of the sleep system? dark-arrow-down

Peak performance is dependent on multiple factors such as ambient temperature, individual body mass and humidity and may not be suitable to replace conventional A/C.

Do I also clean the control unit? dark-arrow-down

Yes, we recommend cleaning the system once per month. Add one packet of the Cube cleaning solution to your cube, ensuring it’s connected to your pad so the solution can clean the tubes inside your pad as well. You can purchase packets of the solution on this page or at

It's easy + quick: 

+ Empty your cube/control unit

+ Fill it with clean, distilled water

+ Pour in the Cube cleaning solution

+ Connect your cube/control unit to pad and run it on "HI" for 1 hour

+ Drain the water mixture from the cube/control unit

+ Refill with distilled water + run like normal

+ If possible, use a can of compressed air to blow around side vents 

What is your shipping and return policy? dark-arrow-down

+ Fast and free standard shipping and returns. Will be shipped in 1-2 business days.

+ 30-night sleep trial (full refund included) 

+ 2-year warranty 

+ Straightforward and easy assembly and maintenance instructions

Does the Cube come with an instruction manual? dark-arrow-down

Yes! If you have installation or set-up questions, you can download our Quick Start guide for more detail:

How do I wash the Chilipad®? dark-arrow-down

We recommend a front-loading washer (or a top loader without an agitator). Secure the pad tubes with a thick rubber band, rope, etc. Wash with cold water on a delicate cycle. 

To dry the pad, keep the pad tubes secured and dry on a delicate cycle with no heat. Do not bleach, do not iron, and do not dry-clean the pad. 

Make sure the pad is completely dry before reconnecting to a power source. 

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