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Mind Pump Listeners

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“Score amazing naps (and better mood as a result) with this temp-controlled/game-changing sleep system.”

“If you’re prone to night sweats or simply getting a bit too hot and bothered for your likiing, let this high-tech, hydro-powered topper come to your rescue.”

“I actually set it too cold at one point, which was thrilling; I now know what it feels like to wake up from hypersleep in space.”

“An investment pick ... for a no-sweat slumber.”

“ ... When you pick up the OOLER Sleep System, you will have no more sweat-filled nights”

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How It Works

Cube and OOLER chiliBLANKET Bundles
Sleep as nature intended

We humans, over our long history, adapted to a climactic rhythm defined by nature. Complement your circadian rhythm using temperature to signal and maintain sleep. Re-align with your ancestral sleeping style with our cooling mattress pad. Sleep when it’s colder + darker, wake when it’s warmer + brighter.

Temperature Regulation

The science is clear. We sleep deeper with increased recovery at a cooler body temperature. Our core body temperature should naturally drop every night, but for lots of people—and lots of reasons—it doesn't. With a temperature range from 55-115°F (13-46°C), our products ensure that whatever your sleep temperature, you can fall asleep, and stay asleep.

Advanced Hydro Power

Quality sleep enhances overall health & wellness, giving you focus & confidence to take on every day. Water flows beneath you as you rest, manipulating core body temperature to enable quicker access to uninterrupted, deep sleep. This is the most effective, EMF-Free, Chemical-Free way to start your journey back to quality living.

ChiliSleep Features

See the best our sleep systems have to offer

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Fall Asleep Faster

Lowering your core temperature change helps you fall asleep faster.

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Stay Asleep

Enjoy dozing off without fear of interruption—no medication needed.

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Awake Rested

Harness the energy and confidence needed to take on your day.

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Set Your Bed Temp

Find & set your sleep temperature according to your ideal sleep environment.

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