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How Washington Capitals Improve Their Sleep

How the Washington Capitals and You Can Improve Sleep

ChiliSleep Team · Apr 27, 2022
How Washington Capitals Improve Their Sleep

Professional hockey players face a rigorous two hours or more on any given night, going full speed on the ice, slamming into opponents. Physiological data produced from games reveals that hockey players reach 90 percent of their maximum heart rate during a game. Therefore, the extreme physical toll hockey players endure requires a good night’s sleep. 

 ChiliSleep Announces Partnership with the Washington Capitals

National Hockey League and Sleep

The Washington Capitals recently joined an innovative, sports-science partnership with the world’s leader in sleep technology – ChiliSleep, a Sleepme Inc. brand. The partnership marks ChiliSleep’s entrance into the National Hockey League as the brand continues to build sleep coaching programs for athletes, which include partnerships with the Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, Florida State University’s football team, and Santa Clara University's women's soccer program to name just a few.

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“Research shows that sleep loss for athletes typically occurs leading up to and following competition,” says Sleepme Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Tara Youngblood. “This means sleep quality impacts how they prepare, perform, and recover. We’re immensely proud and humbled to support the NHL team that represents our nation’s capital.”

To keep the momentum through the end of the regular season and into the postseason, the Capitals have looked to strengthen player readiness with tools that help players at home and on the road. Currently, Capitals’ players use ChiliSleep’s temperature-regulating sleep systems to maintain optimal rest following the close of the regular season, which tends to see a heightened amount of player fatigue.

The franchise adopted sleep coaching as part of their training regimen for the known benefits of better sleep for athletes: improved reaction time and cognitive function, increased player longevity, and strengthened immune systems. Into the postseason and offseason, the Capitals will continue to use the ChiliSleep systems to build even better recovery routines and improve injury prevention measures.

Improve Your Sleep Like the Pros

The ChiliSleep systems work for hockey players of the NHL and for you – the weekend warrior. You wouldn’t consider yourself a professional athlete, but you push yourself to the limit each weekend as if you were skating full speed on the ice and slamming into opponents in a hockey game.

Maybe you’re just training for a marathon or a triathlon, or you just want to look better at the pool and the beach. Whatever your reason for wanting to get fit and build muscle, sleep can help.

Sleep is an essential factor in promoting overall health, athletic performance and muscle recovery. [1] When we’re sleeping, our body gets the necessary time it needs to restore itself giving you the energy you’ll need to take on the day. But difficulty falling asleep for a professional athlete or weekend warrior can be attributed to higher body temperature during sports and exercise. 

Don't Let Temperature Affect Your Sleep

Get deeper, more restorative sleep with our cooling mattress pads. Select the right temperature, ranging from 55-115º, to improve your deep sleep and wake up rested.

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“Athletes often ‘sleep hot’. They sweat a lot at night—that has to do with metabolic activity being higher,” says Dr. Chris Winter, the medical director of the Martha Jefferson Sleep Medicine Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Therefore, not only does sleeping cold increase muscle growth, but your tendency to “sleep hot” may be working against you and your goals by inhibiting muscle growth.

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The ChiliSleep cooling mattress pads help you find the ideal sleep temperature, ranging from 55 to 115 degrees, to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep and wake up rested. 


[1] Watson A. M. (2017). Sleep and Athletic Performance. Current sports medicine reports, 16(6), 413–418.

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