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Back to Sleep Challenge from ChiliSleep

Tired of Being Tired? The 3 Reasons You NEED to Join Our ‘Back to Sleep’ Challenge!

Tara Youngblood · Sep 17, 2021
Back to Sleep Challenge from ChiliSleep

Have you heard about our upcoming Back to Sleep challenge yet? 

My team and I have been working super hard behind the scenes to put together this incredible FREE event for you. I just wanted to take a minute to share a few of the big reasons you’ll want to sign up and what'll you learn from some of today’s leading health and wellness experts. 

1. Discover How to Sleep Better

The goal of the Back to Sleep challenge is to improve how people just like you are sleeping. Struggling to sleep? Hot sleeper? Just toss and turn? Trying to stay asleep once and for all?

We hear you! This is why we wanted to create a community around learning better ways to sleep. Launching this sleep challenge will help people perform at their best.

2. Learn Science-Backed Research

Inside the challenge, we’ll explain how you can build a personalized sleep recipe and escape the cycle of sleepless nights and exhausting days. Our experts will share unique ideas that will help to trigger your brain to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Don't let people tell you that deep sleep is a thing of the past. Whether you have 6 hours or 8, get ready to learn how to achieve the quality sleep your body needs. 

3. Hear From Star-Studded Health and Wellness Experts 

We’ve brought on fun health + wellness experts who will teach you how to get better sleep. We’re thrilled about the speaker line-up.

Check them out:

👉 Michael J. Breuss, PhD: Dr. Breuss -- The Sleep Doctor -- is a clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

👉 David Nurse: Nurse is an elite performance optimization coach + former pro NBA basketball player.

👉 Molly McGlocklin: McGlocklin is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast.

👉 Jason Campbell: Campbell is a meditation and Zen master, using his musical creations as a tool for meditation, tai chi, yoga, and qigong.

👉 Kelly Starrett: Dr. Starrett is a physical therapist, author, speaker, and CrossFit trainer. His fitness book, Becoming a Supple Leopard, was featured on the New York Times bestselling sports books list.

👉 Vonda Wright, MD: Dr. Wright is a double board-certified orthopedic sports medicine surgeon specializing in caring for athletes and active people of all ages and skill levels.

Sleep Challenge: What to Expect Every Day

We know everyone is busy, which is why we’ve limited the challenge to about 60 minutes each day for five days. The event launches on Monday, September 27 -- here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

- DAY 1: The "Back to Sleep" Framework

- DAY 2: Sleep HABITS

- DAY 3: Your Inside Game 

- DAY 4: Your Ideal Surroundings

- DAY 5: Your Personal Sleep Recipe

All of your challenge content will be in the dedicated Facebook Group. You will get the link to join immediately after signing up.

Back to School: What Time Is the Sleep Challenge?

Everything kicks off Monday, September 27. 

We will be live each day at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific.

The event will conclude on Friday, October 1. 

It’s Time to Get Back to Sleep

Join the fun as we all learn new ways to improve our sleep. Register today and join our Facebook community!

While the challenge is 100% FREE, we’re also offering a premium level for those who would like to gain “lifetime" access to the lessons, exclusive access to the sleep experts, and additional sleep resources.

No matter which level you choose, I think that you’ll be very glad you attended. You’ll walk away having learned a ton of great advice that you can implement immediately to improve how you’re sleeping and how you’re feeling. 

Sleep doesn’t have to be complicated -- together we can take back our health!


About the Author

Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood is ChiliSleep’s co-founder and CEO. An accomplished scientist, author, and speaker, Tara’s unique ideas are revolutionizing the future of sleep health by making sleep easy, approachable, and drug-free.
Learn more about Tara.

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