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ChiliSleep Announces Sleep Tech Partnership with Washington Capitals

Sleepme® Announces Sleep Tech Partnership with Washington Capitals

· Apr 27, 2022
ChiliSleep Announces Sleep Tech Partnership with Washington Capitals

Sleepme Inc., the parent company of sleep technology brand ChiliSleep, today announced an innovative sports science collaboration with the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

This partnership marks Sleepme’s formal entrance into the National Hockey League as the brand continues to build sleep coaching programs for athletes, which include current and recent partnerships with the Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, Florida State University’s football team, and Santa Clara University's women's soccer program to name just a few. 

To keep the momentum through the end of the regular season and into the postseason, the Capitals have looked to strengthen player readiness with tools that help players at home and on the road. The Capitals players will use ChiliSleep’s temperature-regulating sleep systems to maintain optimal rest following the close of the regular season, which tends to see a heightened amount of player fatigue.

The franchise adopted sleep tools as part of their training regimen for the known benefits of better sleep for athletes: improved reaction time and cognitive function, increased player longevity, and strengthened immune systems. Into the postseason and offseason, the Capitals will continue to use the ChiliSleep systems to build even better recovery routines and improve injury prevention measures.

Good sleep is number one when it comes to training and performing at the highest level,” says John Carlson, a Capitals defenseman. “This technology will help give our bodies the chance to fully bounce back before we face the next workout or opponent.

With the Stanley Cup playoffs approaching, The Capitals coaches and training staff are leveraging every opportunity to optimize performance and secure another Stanley Cup. Following their success in the 2018 Stanley Cup finals, focusing on winning strategies on and off the ice has been their top priority. Right now, player recovery is vital—especially going into the final phase of preparing for the playoffs. The Caps are trusting ChiliSleep’s technology to enhance our players’ sleep quality and maximize their impact on the ice.

“Research shows that sleep loss for athletes typically occurs leading up to and following competition,” says Tara Youngblood, Sleepme Inc. CEO and Co-Founder. “This means sleep quality impacts how they prepare, perform, and recover. We’re immensely proud and humbled to support the Capitals by providing transformative tools for quality sleep.”


About Sleepme™
Sleepme Inc. is a sleep technology brand revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. Through decades of learning and experience as well as an extensive patent portfolio, Sleepme’s purpose is to make sleep easy, achievable, and a positive part of everyone’s health. Sleepme coaches some of the world’s top athletes and continues to serve consumers around the world through its umbrella of trusted, quality and leadership brands including Sleepme, ChiliSleep and Ebb.

Beloved by millions for its life-changing sleep results, ChiliSleep pioneered the award-winning ChiliPad® and chiliBLANKET®, which are powered by the Cube and OOLER sleep systems. The brand’s all-new Dock Pro Sleep System was released this year and offers industry-leading cooling capacity and even more advanced features. For other Sleepme news, visit

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